Pet Boarding Services

O2Welcome to Happy Tails Hotel located within Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic!!

We now offer a comfortable and enjoyable place for your furry family members to experience a staycation while you are away from home. We are conveniently located within Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic which makes our highly skilled and knowledgeable veterinary team close by if an emergency were to arise.

Comfortable Cat Condos

Our feline guests enjoy a spacious condo with large clear windows so that they can look outside our window.  Each condo is also furnished with a bed so that our guests can get a good nights sleep.  Our feline guests get to enjoy looking out at the trees, sunlight and will be able to watch the birds at the birdfeeder outside the window. They also have their own private bathroom or bedroom area so that they can have privacy. To ease any stress your kitty may have we have Feliway pheromone diffusers in the boarding area.

There are also two story condos available where your cat can have both a private bathroom and bedroom and lots of play area.  All condos are air conditioned in the warm months and heated during the cold months.  Twice daily fresh water and food is given with pets, scratches, and loving. Extra play time can be added daily for $5 that can include receiving cat nip, brushing, or just more petting time.

More information below on boarding requirements for kitties.

Dog Gone Good Suites

Our canine guests also enjoy spacious condos and have a “sunroof” that provides natural sunlight into their accommodations. There are various sized condos available for dogs of all sizes. They all receive fresh food and water twice daily along with rubs, scratches and special one on one attention. For our large breed guests we have our condos equipped with elevated food and water dishes.

Each suite is furnished with luxurious blankets to ensure a good nights sleep. During the week (Monday through Friday) all guests will receive three to four leisurely walks outside our fenced in area which has some nice shade trees. On the weekends walks are done twice daily. Extra play time can be added for $5 daily that can include brushing, fetching a ball, tug of war or just more belly scratches.