Flea & Tick Season Is Upon Us!

With warmer weather approaching so are fleas and ticks! Here at Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic we have ways to help you prevent these nasty little parasites from making a meal of your pet.

One of our favorite products is Bravecto which comes in a treat form for dogs and a topical liquid for cats, both forms last for 12 weeks which is fantastic news especially for cat owners who have a difficult time medicating their feline friend.

bravectodog-product-large   Bravecto-Cat-Medium

Another great product we carry is Seresto flea and tick collars that last 8 months!


Both of these products are a great economical way to make sure your pet is properly protected this year and they come with great rebates! Stop in and get your pet protected to prevent a flea infestation on your furry friend and your household!