693e4767-551b-4784-a3a1-185b42a0b599Lincolnway veterinary clinic provides the most advanced methods in surgical care the ensure the safety of your pet. All surgical procedures require placement of an intravenous catheter to offer immediate vein access in the event life saving emergency drugs need to be given quickly. Many procedures have intravenous fluid administration which is used to help maintain blood pressure, eleviate blood loss and helps with speedier recoveries.

All patients during surgery are hooked up to an EKG machines to monitor the heart, and equipment to measure oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and CO2 levels. The doctors at Lincolnway tailor anesthetic medications based on your pets needs. Patients who are anesthetized with safer drugs and better monitored logically have a better outcome. Although pet owners are often concerned about anesthesia risk, the death rate under anesthesia these days is a fraction of 1%. These recent statistics encompass all patients, from perfectly healthy to extremely sick.

Some of the procedures we do at Lincolnway include but are not limited to the following:

  • Spay and neutering cats and dogs
  • Declawing cats
  • Tail docking and dewclaw removal
  • Orthopedic repairs including fractures; patella luxation; cruciate repair; amputation
  • Soft tissue surgeries: splenectomy, cystotomy, foreign body; exploratory; gastric tacking; hernia repairE4
  • Mass removal
  • Surgeries of the Eye: entropion; ectropion; cherry eye replacement; enucleation; eyelid mass removal

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