Ultrasound is a very useful tool used to diagnose disease in many internal organs including the liver, kidneys, and urinary bladder. It can also be used as pregnancy diagnosis. It is a non-invasive technology used with conventional radiographs that help us get a better picture inside the body. While radiographs will just give us an outline of an organ, the ultrasound is used to get a better picture of the architecture and structure of an internal organ. We are able to better visualize possible masses and to get measurements of any abnormalities seen. Another major advantage to ultrasound is the ability to assess blood flow in arteries, veins and organs. Because we can see in real time what is happening in the body we can obtain biopsies of any abnormalities within organs. We can obtain a more accurate diagnosis with a full abdominal ultrasound scan and typically do not need to perform exploratory surgery.

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